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2 weeks after the beta launch of our password manager: a brief recap

Ok, here we are… Our first blogpost for Vault ?

It’s been 2 weeks now since we launched the beta-version and we received a ton of feedback. From 94 users we had in our mailinglist, 22 people subscribed to test the password manager. The mailing from the launch was only sent one time. We didn’t spend time to send reminders, just to make sure we could handle all requests. Most of these comments are set in our backlog and small bugs were fixed immediately.

The biggest problem we received multiple times is the time it takes to enter data. Adding groups, clients and categories in the password manager wasn’t flexible.

There’s also a solution in the make on the accessibility of the groups, as the current way to add or select is quite messy, resulting to block views.

Speed must become a core value for Vault. We don’t want our users to wait ages to access or store their data. They need it now, they see it now. And preferably all in the same window.

So, let’s dig deeper into the features we’re working on right now:

1. Collapsing groups

There is a lack of overview on the groups. You don’t see which one is selected and the dropdown works more often not than it should.

That’s why we’ve decided to show the groups the same way as we show clients: in a list. This option would make the content field smaller, so the groups will be collapsable in near future.


2. Adding groups and clients

Oh man, I can’t tell you how sick we are of those pop-ups?! It’s slow, irritating and ugly. Right now, we’re implementing a faster route to add a new client or group: just click on a button, type, press enter, DONE. ⚡

password management for teams

A dream would be that you can just type your clients or account information in the dedicated input field, separated with a comma and it all lists out. But that’s something for the future. You can’t win them all… at the same moment ?

3. Extra actions on groups and clients

We’re working on an option to delete groups and clients. A quicker view to see what you shared with whom is also listed on our backlog.

4. Adding categories

aaaah… also: bye bye pop-ups. The next solution isn’t only a lovely way to select a category, it increases the speed a lot!

5. Live search

this will take some time to implement, as we need to handle a lot of different sorts of data. The best way would be to filter as you type of course, but we’re investigating if such an option is even possible. We’ll get back on that for sure!

The changes listed above will be rolled out bit by bit. Every once and a while we will update you briefly.

We need your help…

yep, we do ? we want to get our tool in front of as many people as we can. If you know someone, feel free to refer us. ?

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