Our origins

Where we come from, who we are, what we want to achieve and where the future is…

With a daily business in the digital space — webdesign, development, project management, online marketing, you name it… — it’s getting quite hard to manage all our clients online. Sure, we’ve used Lastpass, Dashlane and many others, but let’s face it: those aren’t tools to collaborate on a daily base.

While we were smoothening our internal procedures, we needed to handle this first. Our agency business is growing consistently and the amount of information was too much to handle the way we were doing things. We strive to be working together in a familiar environment, so sharing of knowledge and account information needs to be handled as such.

But trust is one thing, security another.

Customer’s information is valuable, meaning that our key priority is building a stable and safe application. Hypervault launched the beta version in September 2018 and we have a growing userbase since then. Our intention is to deliver a state-of-the-art corporate password manager and all-in-one tool, which is working for everybody who has access to multiple accounts, wether they work all alone or in team.

Hypervault is getting a better and better password manager every day, mostly because our users are the one who are showing the road. We launched a Facebook Community since the beginning and this enabled us to understand our users’ needs and who they were.

We’d love that you joined our community. The more users, the more feedback we get, the better the tool becomes.

Our wall of fame

Eric Axelrod for being a user and promoter since the beginning

RG Enzon for introducing us to Martech

Rommel C. Caibal for picking his brains to make a launchable product on Martech

Donald Chan for letting us in on Martech

The early adopters who believed us


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