Hypervault comes stacked with many features to manage passwords in team. Learn more about the team functions of Hypervault where safety, simplicity and speed are key.


Middel 1
Password templates

Hypervault has standard fields for FTP, Website, API, Database, Email and Software license account credentials.

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Create groups, clients and put your passwords into categories.

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Fast search

Search on a client, URL, label, tag, notes … Your results will filter immediately while typing.

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Chrome Browser extension

Load existing passwords and save new data from your forms. All you need is the Chrome browser extension.


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Create teams, add people and manage their user rights. All in one view!

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Security & 2 Factor authentication

We’ve integrated multiple layers of security to keep your data as safe as possible.

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Sharing passwords

Easily share passwords or complete groups and clients with team members and clients. Set viewing restrictions and revoke access when needed.

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Group permissions

Create and organize your rights per group. Attach a group to a team member’s profile to add group permissions.


Middel 9
CSV Import

Upload csv documents from Lastpass, Dashlane, Google sheets, …

Middel 10
Custom domain

With a simple change in your DNS, you can load Hypervault from any domain you want.

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White label

Personalize Hypervault by adding your logo.

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Community driven

Hypervault is extremely community driven. Join the community.

Organize your data like it should

Hypervault Password Manager allows you to keep our passwords more secure than ever, access them easily, and takes the burden off of one person to manage the list.

Stop using paper notes or excel sheets to keep your passwords together. And above all, it’s cost-friendly!