Self-hosted / On-premise solution

Imagine: all passwords and data… on your own server! Inclusive all the amazing (team) features from Hypervault.

How will it work?

Set up a database on your own server and connect it with Hypervault. All your passwords will be stored in your database. No need to set up the file system, php-versions or errors popping up. Our self-hosted solution can’t run on local machines. It needs to be installed behind a domain and hosting.


• Passwords on your server

• All existing features from Hypervault

• All future updates on Hypervault automatically rolled out

• Increase or decrease the number of licenses on the go.

• Pay monthly or yearly

• No extra fees.

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Hypervault is coming out of beta this summer.

Complete rebranded, more features for agencies and IT Service Providers, latest security practices, and much more.