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Password manager for teams

next release

v2.0 launch on 01.04.2019

Existing features in v1.0

Hypervault v1.0 comes already stacked with handy options for password management.

Browser extension

Load and save existing data in your forms.

Password templates

Hypervault has built in fields for FTP, Website, API, Database, Email and Software license account credentials. 

Quick imports

Upload csv documents from Lastpass, Dashlane, Google sheets, …

Data management

Create collections of your groups, clients and categories

User rights & permissions

Easily share passwords or complete groups and clients with team members and clients. Set viewing restrictions and revoke access when needed.

Secure data storage

Cloud based, with multiple layers of security (2FA + SALT + PBKDF2 + ITERATIONS)

Features coming up in v2.0

Every new feature is extremely well-thought to make it easy for you to find and work with. This will shorten the time needed to manage all your data.

Group permissions

Create and organize your rights per group. Attach a group to a team member’s profile to add group permissions. 

Shared access information

A dedicated page inside the app will list all shared data and the persons who have access to that data.

New layout

v2 will have a completely new look. V1 layout was preventing us from adding extra features.

Various UI / UX improvements
Custom password fields for websites
Notes & Labels

Adding notes to each password type. Also available in next release.Adding your own unique identifier by using a label field, for faster identification.

Live search

A search field on top of the dashboard enables the search on a client, URL, label, tag, notes … Search results will filter immediately when you type.

Whitelabeling & reselling

Whitelabel your password manager to remove the logo from Hypervault and add your own. Spread the number of licenses between teams & clients as you wish.


Free forever


Store unlimited website & email passwords. Free comes without sharing, teams, white labeling and imports



Billed annually

Store all your data safely into Hypervault and share it across your team. Access to all features.


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