Coming up: Hypervault v2

The first version of Hypervault launched in September 2018 and since that moment we’ve learned and experienced a ton. We created Hypervault as our own need, but soon it appeared that many others were sharing that same need.

Having the first version online brought us the feeling that there could be a potential market for Hypervault. It gave us an enormous boost to continue working on our product too. After months of collecting feedback from our initial users heroes, we knew what direction we needed to go.

That’s why we’ve started with the building of the next version of Hypervault: Hypervault 2.0. A brief overview of the new and included features can be found below.

Set restrictions to multiple members at once

Create and organize your rights per group. Attach a group to a team member’s profile to add group permissions

Sharing groups, clients or passwords with a client (a person who’s not in your team) will remain the same.

Gain full visibility and control over your company accounts through shared access information

A dedicated page inside the app will list all shared data and the persons who have access to that data. This list will combine information from team members and clients together.

Notes & Labels

Highly requested features:

Live search on the dashboard

When opening the dashboard, all passwords will be listed alphabetically. A search field on top of the dashboard enables the search on a client, URL, label, tag, notes … Search results will filter immediately when you type.

Hypervault v2 will have a new layout

v2 will have a completely new look. V1 layout was preventing us from adding extra features.

Whitelabeling & reselling

Hypervault V2 is completely focused on companies and their clients. Whitelabel your password manager to remove the logo from Hypervault and add your own.

Easier management of licenses with ‘Teams’

Spread the number of licenses between teams & clients as you wish. V2 will have a new central page called ‘Teams’ where you can add new teams and add members to each team. More important: you’ll be able to set a custom domain per team. So you can start reselling those stacked licenses. 

Various UI / UX improvements

Hypervault v2 pricing & launch

From the moment the next version is launched, the lifetime deal will be over. New users will be charged a monthly subscription fee. There will be no additional charges for users owning the Hypervault LTD.


Our release date is set on April 1st, 2019.
Quick tip: if you want to stack additional licenses, now is the time.