Knowledgebase | Changelog


Release August 6, 2020 | v2.52


  • In-app license and subscription management

Release May 7, 2020 | v2.51


  • Whitelabel fix on the login-page


  • Move & copy passwords

Release March 31, 2020 | v2.50


  • Renamed ‘Groups’ to ‘Folders’
  • Passwords:
    • The bar of a password is now clickable as a whole
    • Padding of the password bars is reduced, so more data can be listed
    • Password fields are now listed beneath each other, instead of using columns. This should improve reading.
  • Made UI changes to the sharing modal.


  • Quickly delete access for a user on a folder, client or password

Release November 29, 2019 | v2.47

  • IMPROVEMENT: Change permission weight of group permissions vs folder/client/password permissions
  • IMPROVEMENT: Automation of orders

Release November 12, 2019 | v2.46

  • FIX: a bug happened when sending an invite to your own account
  • IMPROVEMENT: revoking rights from groups, clients and passwords have a higher weight than group permissions.
  • IMPROVEMENT: released public roadmap

Release October 30, 2019 | v2.45

  • IMPROVEMENT: order system link with Hypervault

Release September 23, 2019 | v2.4

  • FIX: browser extension saving and loading passwords
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added version number to the browser extension
  • FIX: Small bug in view rights

Release August 22, 2019 | v2.3

  • IMPROVEMENT: import function can now store data in all categories

Release July 31, 2019 | v2.2

  • IMPROVEMENT: Password access expiry

Release July 25, 2019 | v2.2

  • IMPROVEMENT: whitelabel function
  • FIX: layout in teams

Release July 17, 2019 | v2.13

  • IMPROVEMENT: we switched the application from towards
    With this move, we are laying the groundwork for Whitelabel, which will be active in a couple of days.

Release June 30, 2019 | v2.13

  • FIX: UI-problems when onboarding invited users. 
    When sending an invite, the person who receives it will be forwarded to create a password first. No more need to use ‘forgot password’.

Release June 6, 2019 | v2.12

  • FIX: Showing less passwords on the initial screen from the dashboard to reduce loads.

Release June 1, 2019 | v2.11

  • NEW: implemented 30-day trial

Release April 6, 2019 | v2.1

  • NEW: Share groups, clients and passwords with teams
  • FIX: Browser extension kept loading while creating new groups and clients
  • FIX: Modal showing up when creating teams
  • FIX: Checkboxes Group Permissions

Release April 1, 2019 | v2.0

  • New UI
  • Live search on the dashboard
  • Custom fields for websites
  • Add labels & Notes on each password
  • Collapsing password panels
  • Group permissions
  • Teams: create, add members and assign them rights
  • Shared information: a complete list with users and their access
  • Upload profile pictures