Knowledgebase | How to activate whitelabel (beta)

How to activate whitelabel (beta)

Whitelabel replaces the Hypervault logo with your logo and puts the application behind a custom domain. This way, you can share passwords with your client as if it were your own application.

Creating/ editing a team

Each team can have its own custom domain. You can apply a custom domain to new and existing teams. Just click on ‘add’ or ‘edit’ to see the popup:

Team modal

Select ‘enable whitelabeling’ and click ‘add’ or ‘save’. You can also set a custom logo and application / website name.

Set your (sub)domain

Once the modal closes, you’ll see a field ‘domain’. This is where you can add your custom domain or subdomain (i.e. or just

After clicking on ‘save’, we deploy scripts which take some time. Don’t leave the page as long as the circle spins.

Configure DNS records

In order for the whitelabel to work, you need to set proper DNS-records. Log in to your hosting account and create an A-record for the same domain you set in the step above. Set the A-record to following IP:


Once this is done, it can take op to 24h during weekdays for the whitelabel to be active. If it’s taking longer, send us a ticket and we’ll see what’s going on.