These are all the features which are requested and approved for development into a later stage. This list is updated and changed frequently.

Fix whitelabel issue 30%

Improve lay-out from emails 50%

Store devices

Improve UX/UI of Team page

Email verification

Choose time of expiring passwords

Add “disable sharing” option in group permissions

LDAP / AD integration


Log files

Reset password from profile page

On-premise solution

Unique link per password

Random password generator in Browser extension

Random password generator in web application

Share with a user

Block external pages for certain users

Add a recovery / additional email to your account

Force users to use 2FA

Multiple forms of 2FA

Delete pending invites from shared list

Risk scanner

Add avatar to passwords for better id-recognition

Android app

Store files

Store notes

Store social media

Better use of tags

Coming up next

Features we’re investigating and we’re planning to develop after the existing items in development are finished

More news to come after Nov. 1st


What we’re working on right now and how far we are in the process

License management 100%


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