The password manager

for agencies.

Agencies invariably have multiple teams working in tandem towards completion of varied tasks. A lot of these tasks involve password protection at various levels. Managing so many different passwords can be challenging but not with Hypervault: The Password Manager for Agencies!

Password management at agencies has always been a formidable challenge. How does one ensure smooth day-to-day operations and effortless coordination between multiple teams while providing password access only to those with the right credentials?

Well, enter Hypervault.

With an array of features designed to ensure seamless password access to those that need them for task completion – while keeping others at bay, Hypervault affirms effective accomplishment of every project at web agencies without any password centric hiccups.

Take the very concept of Password Templates at Hypervault as an emphatic USP that sets it apart from others in the fray.

These templates are meant to store credentials uniquely in line with their specific characteristics. After all, not all credentials can be saved simply on the basis of Usernames and Passwords alone. 


  • Databases for which there could be Servers, Ports, or Connection Options credentials, etc.
  • Websites with the URL or any other Custom Fields beyond simply Username and Password as credentials.
  • Software Licenses whose credentials could be saved as License Keys, Versions, or Download Pages, etc.
  • API’s with Live Keys or Secret Keys as credentials.
  • Mail Accounts that could have Incoming and Outgoing ports as well as mail servers as credentials, among other options.

The possibilities are simply endless!

At agencies every one of the abovementioned elements takes on critical hues; there are separate teams and individuals looking into each of them. Password management between them can turn into a nightmare in the absence of a suitable password manager for agencies like Hypervault.

Additionally, it is categorization and password access along with these categories which prove to be an especially useful value-add in case of Hypervault. 

To cite an example, many projects at agencies invariably involve close coordination with clients. Progress on these projects is reviewed from time to time on both sides. Needless to say, password access at both ends is mandatory, especially when reviewing remotely. 

In such scenarios, the Data Management feature at Hypervault proves priceless since it allows each side to organize and share data effortlessly, even allowing the creation of groups or teams with requisite access to passwords as deemed fit.

But what about security?

The features such as Password Templates or Data Management would be ineffective in the absence of suitable measures to ensure robust password security.

That is where Hypervault scores yet again, this time with practically infallible multiple layers of security which keep data secure to the hilt, including:

  • Salt
  • Iterations, and
  • PBKDF2

Additional security can be built in at the agency level with 2-factor authentication.

A Cost-Effective Solution

An ideal password manager for agencies is one which provides features like the ones we have highlighted above, and at the same time, does not cost a fortune.

Yet again, Hypervault ticks just the right boxes.

With prices that range between as little as $1.98 to $2.50 a month, depending on the number of licenses sought, with the additional option to save 10% when paying yearly, price is never a concern with Hypervault!

Oh, and did we tell you about the 7-day trial that you can use at your discretion to familiarize yourself with Hypervault?

Complete breakdown on Hypervault pricing here.

Conclusion: Hypervault is the better password manager for agencies

Password management at agencies is no mean feat. Competitive services such as Lastpass or Dashlane focus disproportionately on singular experiences while teams and collaborative efforts – as seen at agencies, is at the very core of Hypervault.

Along with all the features mentioned above, there is little reason to look elsewhere for password management for agencies!


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